Have Fun While Being Creative

At H8P Customs we believe that a vibrant company culture that supports and nurtures our employees gives us a rare and exclusive competitive edge.

Customer service is extremely critical to us however, our first priority is company culture. It’s what makes us exceptional. And in our culture, we welcome and encourage diversity and each person’s uniqueness. We believe that if the culture is rightfully aligned, then things like delivering a great customer experience or building a certified brand or business that employees and customers alike can appreciate is natural.

Our culture would not be what it is today without H8P Customs associates and followers from the past and present. We are all protectors and creators of the H8P culture we even have a handshake: it’s what sets us apart and something that expands every day.

Feel good

We create a culture of honesty: this allows our team to outperform our own expectations when facing challenges.  With our commitment to greatness and our focus to stay on the offense, we have tools and practices in place to make sure we get things done even when deadlines are tight.  Our team has a multipliers mindset, and we all possess a student mentality and a desire to teach each other different things we know. More importantly, we are sponges when others are sharing and that’s what makes it all come full circle.

Join the team

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Get to know us

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